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JKD Keychains.$20.00 each. Custom manufactured for Derderian Academy! Not sold in stores or anywhere else. Solid metal that will last forever!

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Filipino Kali Sticks $29.00 per pair.
These are the best sticks you will ever own! Made of rattan with the skins left on for maximum durability. Many companies remove the skins to look pretty. However, those weapons are not nearly as hard as ours. We buy the rattan poles and then burn and bake them ourselves.


  Kyusho & Kali Vol 1 $39.95

Learn the the devastating method of Filipino empty handed combat. This DVD will demonstrate the unique method of Kali nerve hits and limb destructions but then take it deeper by showing the applications from the perspective of Kyusho. There is no other DVD out there that shows Kali from this perspective. This DVD is a must have for your collection!







Volume II of this Kali-Kyusho collaboration continues with the study of head strikes. Take your Filipino (or any martial art for that matter) to the next level with this DVD.


Kyusho-Kali Vol II $39.95

Buy Both Kyusho-Kali DVDs for $70.00!


Kyusho-Kali Vol 1 & 2




This is a great way to start learning the Double Stick fighting method of Kali. This DVD starts with the basics and works up to more sophisticated material. It is packed with drills to keep you busy for a long time.


Filipino Double Stick Techniques and Drills $39.95

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Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do DVD Vol 1 $39.95

This DVD will give a great understanding of the art of Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do. The DVD is progressive and covers the fundamentals of footwork, blocking, striking, kicking and trapping. A must have for anyone interested in learning JKD.

JKD DVD part 2

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do DVD Vol 2 $39.95

This DVD picks up where Volume 1 left off with easy to follow instruction in the art of Jeet Kune Do. More footwork, trapping, kicking and combinations designed to provide you with solid understanding of Jeet Kune Do. A must have for anyone interested in learning this highly effective martial art.

Purchase Vol 1 & 2 for the low price of $70.00

Kali single stick DVD

Filipino Single Stick Techniques DVD $39.95

Taught in a progressive manner, this DVD will let you enter into the world of Filipino Stick Fighting. Angles of striking, blocking, footwork, and flow drills are all covered in this DVD. The stick is one of the more practical weapons available for martial arts practice. The Filipino method is efficient and very effective. If you have ever been interested in learning how to use this weapon, this DVD is for you.

knife DVD

Filipino Knife Techniques $39.95
This DVD will introduce you to one of the most exciting weapons in the martial arts: the knife. You will learn the Filipino knife method, considered by many to be the best. Your skills will honed as you learn and practice the famous Filipino flow drills with this exciting weapon. Watch as your skill in other martial art improves by the practice of this deadly weapon.

lock flow drill






Ju Jitsu Techniques and Stand Up Flow Drill $59.95

This Two DVD set will introduce you to range of Grappling like none other! It starts by teaching you the basics of  joint locking and take downs. The second DVD will show some stand up to ground applications. You will also learn Sifu Raffi Derderian's Flow Drill that he has taught since 1995. It is an excellent way to train, sharpen and maintain your Ju Jitsu skills.

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T-Shirt Sizes
DAMA JKD T- Shirts
Performance t-shirt, moisture wicking and odor resistant.  DAMA/JKD logo on front. A high quality shirt. Sizes Sm -XL




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