Photo Gallery

JKD class at Derderian Academy

Raffi & Susan with Sifus Dan Inosanto and Kevin Seaman

Teaching seminars in Florida and catching up with Charlie Pike (Shinko-ryu Black Belt) and good friend Gary Khoury

Playing with Wooden Dummy in the school of JKD legend Taky Kimura

Sifu Raffi with Sifu Steve Grody. Sifu Raffi took a weekends worth of private classes with Sifu Steve. An excellent JKD learning experience!

With Hock Hochheim and Tim Tackett

Raffi testing for 2nd Degree Black Belt for Hock Hochheim in Denton, Tx.

With Chuck Norris and students Regan Landolfi and Josh Alviti

2002 World Uechi Championships in Mass. Sensei won the Mens Grand Championship in Kata and Sparring

With Kata Grand Champion runner up Andrew Morse

Sparring in the finals at the Uechi Championships

Sifu with the President of the Combat Hapkido Federation John Pelligrini

With our Albany JKD Club instructor Sifu Stephen Bugler

At the grave of Bruce Lee in Seattle, Wa

JKD Black Sashes with Sensei Mike Campos

With Bruce Lee's widow, Linda in Seattle. She was very gracious and charming.

With James DiMille. He was one of Bruce Lee's first students in Seattle and is now the founder of Wing Chun Do.

Sensei Raffi and good friend Mike Beltrami pose with Karate legend Hidy Ochai.

Taky Kimura is one of only three people that Bruce Lee certified personally to teach JKD. It was truly an honor to meet him.

Raffi and Susan with Kenpo legend Larry Tatum. What a source of Kenpo knowledge!

Kenpo legend and film star Jeff Speakman.

Uechi-ryu Masters Test. Sensei was promoted to 6th Degree.

Receiving 7th Degree promotion from Sensei Campos. This is one Sensei's proudest moments.

Collin Lieberman receiving his Black Sash certificate. Collin was also given the title of Sifu!

Sifu Raffi with Todd Scungio who also earned his Black Sash.

Albany representative Stephen Bugler became our first out of state Black Sash.

Terry Taylor receiving his Level 10 (Black Sash) certificate. Terry is our Costa Rica Representative.

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