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DAMA JKD/Kali Instructors

Sifu Raffi Derderian

 Sifu Raffi  holds the following ranks

·         Apprentice Instructor- JKD and Kali under Guro Dan Inosanto

·         8th Degree Black Belt - Shinko-Ryu Kenpo (promoted to 8th degree by Master Larry Tatum)

·         6th Degree Black Belt - Uechi-ryu Karate under Master George Mattson

·        3rd Degree Black Belt - Filipino Martial Art Combatives under Hock Hochheim

·         2nd Degree Black Belt -Oki-Ryu Kenpo

·         Ranked "Expert" in Knife Combatives by the Congress of American Knifefighters (Hock Hochheim)

·         Recognized "Shihan of Martial Arts" by the International Uechi Karate Association



Sifu Garrett Berman

Sifu Garrett was one of the first students to join DAMA when we moved to Johnston in 1998. He has been studying JKD and Kali ever since with us. In 2006 Garrett started running the Filipino class on Tuesday evening. Garrett is an excellent martial artist with a tremendous passion for teaching. Garrett is also a Level 10  in our JKD program.

Sifu Todd Scungio

Sifu Todd had already had some JKD training prior to joining training at DAMA in 2000. 

He is a Level 10  in our JKD program and teaches the Saturday class. Todd was also the Captain of the Rhode Island College Wrestling Team.

Sifu Norm Davis

Norman has been a JKD and Kali student at DAMA since 2004. In 2009 he became an Assistant Instructor. Always eager and dedicated  to assist with teaching students, Norm exemplifies the true spirit of an instructor. 


Assistant Instructor Eric Vito
Eric has been a JKD and Kali student at DAMA since 2002. He became an Assistant Instructor in 2009.  Despite a grueling schedule of school, work and family, Eric has always managed to attend classes. He is a great addition to our instructor’s staff.


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