New England Martial Arts Camp 2016

The  16th New England Martial Arts Camp date & Info will be announce soon!

This is an adult  (16 years and up) only camp that allows people from all over the US to come together for a weekend of learning. Students of traditional and non traditional martial arts come together for a fantastic, ego free weekend of martial arts training and learning.

This year we are pulling out all of the stops to make our camp unbeatable.

The camp will be held at Derderian Academy of Martial Arts in Johnston, RI. We have a 4200 sq. ft. facility. This gives us plenty of space to run our seminars.


Every year we receive high praise for this event. At the end of the day, no one wants it to end! We hope to see you on this years event.

For more information contact Sifu Raffi Derderian at (401) 946-0384.

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 Guest Instructors of Previous Camps

(from left to right)
Sifu Taky Kimura, Rory Miller, UFC's Joe Lauzon, Sifu Kevin Seaman, Hock Hochheim, Guro Nick Sacoulas Sifu Francis Fong, Jim McCann,
Master Wen-Ching Wu

guest instructor 2011guest instructor 2010guest instructor 2008


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Here's what past attendees have to say about our camp

Hello Sifu,
I've been meaning to email you and to let you know that it was terrific this year, again.  You had great instructors as usual and I like it at the end of summer instead of early or mid summer.  The few I have missed, I have really hated missing them.
John Desorbo 


You always manage to procure fantastic instructors, really great people who truly want to teach and interact with other martial artists of all levels. The instructors who come are charismatic people thoroughly in love with their art.  I LOVE that it's mixed martial arts, that there's no particular art which grabs the focus, and that no one cares what rank you are, what style you do, or how good or bad you are at whatever workshop you're in at the time.  I always manage to talk and laugh and joke with everyone, and people are universally polite and supportive

Jen Patashnick, Traditional Okinawan Karate Instructor, Massachusetts

Although the sun's technique was strong and I look like my tank top is now grafted to my body, I have to say that camp was more than worth it. Thanks to Sifu and all the awesome instructors there.  Tai Chi was awesome and the Long Form was beautiful, fencing was an unexpected treat and made for some great friendly competition, and Sifu Raffi did an excellent job of making us queasy and excited at the same time with all of that knife play. There were too many great experiences and techniques to list here, it was so much and so good to

Joe Giempietro, JKD Student, RI.


I had a blast, as always.  Thank you Sifu Raffi and Sensei Susan for another great camp!  Already looking forward to next year

Mark Abbott, Hapkido Black Belt, RI


Thanks Sifu, Guro, Sensei, aka Raffi!  What a great day, yeah it was hot but man it was a blast as always.  A big hand to Sifu Raffi, Sensei Susan, all the instructors and all the attendees.  Every year I meet some more new people and I am just blown away but quality of these folks. I had an awesome time everybody, thanx.

John Chartier, Hapkido Black Belt, Ct.


Thanks again to Raffi for the organization/inspiration!  Thanks to RI Fencing for lugging all that gear.  Thanks to Mike for wearing the heavy, padded kick-me hot-suit for Vee Arnis whackerific-ness.  Thanks for Justin’s levitation on the Combat Ultimate Frisbee® field of honor.   Thanks to Steve Bugler et. al. for righteously careering down the interstates form ALBANY, NY people!!!  Thanks to Art Blair’s wife Amy for sending Art, daughter Wendy and friend off to camp with 45 power bars, ten liters of water, fruit flavored water by the pallet, 12 roast beef sandwiches and fitting it all in one tiny Igloo® cooler. Thanks to John Chartier for his two-bite brownies, randomly delivered box of knives, and leaving the ten+ gallon hat home.  Thanks to everyone who dragged students/friends/workout partners along for the show.  Thanks to Microsoft® for installing the ‘®’ so I could use it 4 times in one email. See you all next year in the least.  See most of you in the intervening months I trust.  Stay in touch.

Steve Watson, Chinese Martial Arts Instructor, Ct.

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